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Aria's Song

v9.0 The Hills Are Alive

An Eclectic Contradiction
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Well lets see, what can I say about myself? Well I'm loud, I'm sure my friends would agree with that, but I can be really quiet sometimes, really really quiet. I like to spend time with my friends watching tv and getting beaned in the back of the head with a certain someone's knee ^^. I have a cat and a dog...that are physcotic and two siblings that are pretty much the same. Over all I am not a normal person and yet totally normal all at the same time. ^-^

As of May, 2006 my livejournal is locked, a.k.a. Friends Only. I'll be happy to add you if you want. Just comment on the banner post and I'll be willing to accept your proposal, unless your a serial killer, then we might have some problems, but I don't really forsee any! So just ask, and I'll add! :)

remus and tonks are love (and cannon!)
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padfoot is love
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charlie weasley is love
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I'm Mrs. Charlie Weasley</a>

The Weasley Boy Marriage Quiz
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Potter Puppet Pals is a Cornucopia of Love

Ravenclaw means I'm smarter than you.

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